How to arrive

Airplane: go to Barcelona (BCN), Girona (GIR) or Carcassonne.
Bus: BCN to La Pobla de Lillet (link).
Minibus or Taxi: up to 8 persons, from the airports go to La Pobla de Lillet, more or less 1€/km.
Car: go to La Pobla de Lillet, click on the map in this link to chose your itinerary:
4x4: La Pobla de Lillet to Ardericó (11km/45min)
4x4 Taxi: up to 4 persons, La Pobla de Lillet to Ardericó, more or less 40€.
Mountain Bike: La Pobla de Lillet to Ardericó (11km/1h30).
Walking: La Pobla de Lillet to Ardericó (8km/2h)
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Security & Equipment


• Make no fire
• Do the route in company and based on your physical condition and experience with the appropriate equipment
• Inform yourself about the weather
• Carry the necessarily food and water
• Carry a medium of communication and have the local emergency numbers and those of the lodgings
• Arrive before dark or before 19h00 at the mountain lodgings
• In case of fog or low visibility, find a safe place and wait
• In case of lightning storm stay away from high points or ridges, separate yourself from the metal you might carry and do not shelter under lone trees.


The weather in the mountains is very variable and unpredictable. A pleasant morning sun can turn into a cold, rainy or even snowy afternoon, also in summer. You have to equip for these conditions.
· Shoes: high boots might be too hot for summer, take also a pair of slippers to relax your feet in the mountain huts.
· Walking sticks are a good option
· Rain/wind garments
· Polar Fleece
· Little, easy to wash underwear if you go routing
· Shorts and Pants
· Cap, sunglasses and sun protector
· Sleeping bag
· Forehead torch
· Water can
· Your orientation mode: maps, compass, gps, mountain guide.
· Camara, GSM, batteries, etc.

The weather

Winter: Cold with often loads of snow, with northern wind (tramontana) the weather can be Siberian like. Nevertheless it’s not unusual to sunbathe in January when the air is quiet.

Spring: Mostly sunny and warm during the day and cool at night, with 5 to 10 day long cold and rainy weather episodes. Above 1500m a 2 to 3 day lasting snowfall is unusual but possible. The closer to midsummer, the hotter and drier.

Summer: Hot and dry till half August with exceptional and short thunderstorm periods. The second half of August, it refreshes rapidly because of the afternoon violent thunderstorms, often with hail and even snow. Very pleasant morning temperature in the sun.

& Fall: Rainy at times, you rarely will see lasting grey weather. The sun comes out often and the nights cool off according to the snowfall in the high mountain. In November snow is probable and sometimes lasts all winter (like 2008/2009).

Weather Forecast: Before travelling consult your preferred meteorological service.

What is a Mountain Hut?

Mountain huts are a very specific type of lodging because of their situation and difficulty of access.
- The mountain huts are conceived as a sportive installation: respect the quiet hours for who wants to get up early.
- You are expected to arrive before dark or in summer before 19h00. Dinner is usually served around 20h00 and you should warn if you can’t arrive on time, if not emergency services might be alerted.
- The menu is standard: everybody eats the same. If you have nutritional problems (celiacs, diabetics, vegetarians …), please let it know long before arriving.
- You should carry a pair of comfortable shoes or slippers and leave your trekkers when arriving at the mountain hut.
- The bedrooms do not open till dinner time.
- Electricity and water are often difficult to obtain: respect the indications of the guard. It’s your own responsibility to drink water of the fountains and taps, potability is probable but not assured.
- Carry a battery light for nightly moves.
- Coming from the “civilisation”, you probably have more information about the weather then the guards do, but you can prefer to trust their sixth sense.
- As there is no litter recollection, as a general rule you have to carry yours back to the village.


Four day Walk "La Flor de Neu” (Edelweiss)
A very easy mountain walk in four short stages, designed to introduce people to the world of trekking. Accommodation in three different lodgings, every night a typical Pyrenean mountain menu (barbecue, hunter’s dishes, stockfish, mountain rice ...) is served. Every afternoon an activity or siesta, one evening with entertainment. A qualified mountain guide introduces map, compass and gps reading, and accompanies the group.

Four day Introduction to Mountain Sports
Four day stay at Ardericó. A qualified mountain guide introduces you to various activities such as mountaineering, canyoning, orienteering, archery, tree park, mountain bike, segwayx4, etc. Every night a typical Pyrenean mountain menu (barbecue, hunter’s dishes, stockfish, mountain rice ...) is served.

Four day Walk "La Ruta de l'Ermità” (the Hermit’s Path)
Can be walked (100km) or biked (165km) in three stages. A sporting challenge for people who know what they start, no guiding if not requested.

Week Stay "La Ruta de l'Ermità” (the Hermit’s Path)
Five days to walk the path, different lodgings. Easy but for sportive people, with guide. Tourism and spa to complete the week. Each night a Pyrenean mountain menu.

Week Stay Introduction to Mountain Sports
Week Stay in Ardericó. A qualified mountain guide introduces you to various activities such as mountaineering, canyoneering, orientation, ferrata, wild water, climbing to 3000m, archery, segwayx4, tree park, mountain bike, spa, etc. Intensive.

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