The weather

Winter: Cold with often loads of snow, with northern wind (tramontana) the weather can be Siberian like. Nevertheless it’s not unusual to sunbathe in January when the air is quiet.

Spring: Mostly sunny and warm during the day and cool at night, with 5 to 10 day long cold and rainy weather episodes. Above 1500m a 2 to 3 day lasting snowfall is unusual but possible. The closer to midsummer, the hotter and drier.

Summer: Hot and dry till half August with exceptional and short thunderstorm periods. The second half of August, it refreshes rapidly because of the afternoon violent thunderstorms, often with hail and even snow. Very pleasant morning temperature in the sun.

& Fall: Rainy at times, you rarely will see lasting grey weather. The sun comes out often and the nights cool off according to the snowfall in the high mountain. In November snow is probable and sometimes lasts all winter (like 2008/2009).

Weather Forecast: Before travelling consult your preferred meteorological service.