What is a Mountain Hut?

Mountain huts are a very specific type of lodging because of their situation and difficulty of access.
- The mountain huts are conceived as a sportive installation: respect the quiet hours for who wants to get up early.
- You are expected to arrive before dark or in summer before 19h00. Dinner is usually served around 20h00 and you should warn if you can’t arrive on time, if not emergency services might be alerted.
- The menu is standard: everybody eats the same. If you have nutritional problems (celiacs, diabetics, vegetarians …), please let it know long before arriving.
- You should carry a pair of comfortable shoes or slippers and leave your trekkers when arriving at the mountain hut.
- The bedrooms do not open till dinner time.
- Electricity and water are often difficult to obtain: respect the indications of the guard. It’s your own responsibility to drink water of the fountains and taps, potability is probable but not assured.
- Carry a battery light for nightly moves.
- Coming from the “civilisation”, you probably have more information about the weather then the guards do, but you can prefer to trust their sixth sense.
- As there is no litter recollection, as a general rule you have to carry yours back to the village.