Security & Equipment


• Make no fire
• Do the route in company and based on your physical condition and experience with the appropriate equipment
• Inform yourself about the weather
• Carry the necessarily food and water
• Carry a medium of communication and have the local emergency numbers and those of the lodgings
• Arrive before dark or before 19h00 at the mountain lodgings
• In case of fog or low visibility, find a safe place and wait
• In case of lightning storm stay away from high points or ridges, separate yourself from the metal you might carry and do not shelter under lone trees.


The weather in the mountains is very variable and unpredictable. A pleasant morning sun can turn into a cold, rainy or even snowy afternoon, also in summer. You have to equip for these conditions.
· Shoes: high boots might be too hot for summer, take also a pair of slippers to relax your feet in the mountain huts.
· Walking sticks are a good option
· Rain/wind garments
· Polar Fleece
· Little, easy to wash underwear if you go routing
· Shorts and Pants
· Cap, sunglasses and sun protector
· Sleeping bag
· Forehead torch
· Water can
· Your orientation mode: maps, compass, gps, mountain guide.
· Camara, GSM, batteries, etc.