The Mountains


Ensija, Pedraforca and Comabona from Roc del Joc

The Pyrenees
The mountain chain that separates the Iberian peninsula from Europe climbs up to 3408m (Aneto). It contains numerous ski resorts with long tradition in the three countries that share this area: Spain, Andorra and France.
Another tradition still alive is the several day trekking and ascension of peaks with overnight lodging in mountain huts. As a result there is a vast network of places to stay all through the Pyrenees, going from simple let stables to five star hotels.
The Catllaràs Mountain Chain
Part of the pre Pyrenees and reaching 1800m, which is under the high mountain stage and therefore richly forested, is influenced by three climates: the Mediterranean, the Alpine, and the Euro Siberian permitting a very wide-ranging flora.
The orography is rather abrupt with beautiful white fingers of stone pointing up (Roc del Joc, Roca de la Lluna, etc.), impressive huge rock walls of 200m (north side of Roca Forcada) and almost inaccessible canyons like the Vallfogona valley, the Salts (leaps) de Junyent, the Salt del Mùsic, etc.
A vast network of roads and paths offers a variety of hiking, biking and horse riding options.
The Catllaràs has now the lowest protection status (PEIN, scenery of special natural interest in its Catalan abbreviation).