The House

Ardericó is a country-house that was first named in the 16 º century. In its flourishing times there were twenty adult men working (sic) and the whole valley was deforested for potato and cabbage-fields, and pasture for cows. Destroyed and rebuilt in the second Carline war (+ / - 1870) it was gradually abandoned since 1950 like most of the isolated farms in the Pirinees . A chain of coincidences, perhaps its unique location has to do with it, made sure the house didn't collapse.
Since 2006 I have been recovering the house and running it as a mountain-hut and a camping-place. All the basic needs (water, light, heating, sanitary) are available, but it is not a luxury hotel.
The distance to the nearest village (11km), the kettle-shaped valley with several ecosystems according to the orientation: beechwoods on the north side, oakwoods on the southside, in between and on the heights pine forest, the recovered fauna, the silence of an eagle cry, the poetry of a red rock in the morning, an unexpected snowstorm in June, a never before seen orchid are the strengths and the luxury of Ardericó.